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iPad causing ‘radical paradigm shift ‘ in entertainment, publishing, info industries


The iPad is causing the entertainment, publishing and information industries to undergo a radical paradigm shift in their methods of delivering entertainment and information to consumers, according to a new report from Rider Research ( of Baton Rouge, La.

The impact started on day one, says Geoff Whiting, who prepared the report.. Apple said it sold over 300,000 the first day the iPad went on sale in the U.S. and that over one million iPad apps were downloaded. With the iPad, Apple has created a leisure media device that consumers can use thoughout the home: for reading books, playing movies and music or as an instruction manual for home repairs or cooking, Whiting says.

“Studios, TV networks and magazine/newspaper publishers are no longer limited to immobile TV sets, mobile phones with tiny screens or PCs that place entertainment in a secondary role,” he adds. “Instead, the major TV networks, online video services, newspapers, magazines and book publishers will use the iPad as a hybrid TV/PC. Its Wi-Fi and soon its 3G cellular network connections will enable consumers to bypass set-top boxes, media players and the accompanying wires. The 3G version does not require the user to have a broadband connection, a modem, a router or a PC.”

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