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Survey: iPad developers rapidly developing

With just under six billion mobile applications forecast to be downloaded this year, up from an estimated 2.4 billion in 2009, app development has no indication of slowing down. First weekend sales of the iPad estimated over 700,000 units and iPhone app developers are switching gears and rapidly turning to iPad app development.

In a survey of hundreds of iPhone app developers conducted by Optimum Lead Generation, the company behind iPadApplicationQuotes (, a new web site that connects business and entrepreneurs with experienced iPad app developers, the survey revealed:

° 88% of iPhone app developers surveyed anticipate the porting of existing iPhone apps to iPad apps;

° 76% of iPhone app developers surveyed currently have at least one iPad app in development.

“iPad application development represents new ground and opportunity for mobile developers” says Gregg Weiss, founder of iPadApplicationQuotes. “Larger screen size, faster processor and richer user experiences are all reasons developers are excited about creating apps for the iPad”.

When asked why iPhone developers might continue to develop for iPhone vs move only to iPad, one developer said “Existing iPhone users might be more reluctant to spring another US$500 for an iPad. That’s a big reason why I’m keeping with both platforms now.”

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