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PhantomSkinz releases products for portable gadgets such as the iPad


PhantomSkinz ( — which manufactures and designs protection skins for electronic devices such as the iPad — has added two new products to its array of protection films.

The first is a matte finish version of its original clear film. The Matte Film provides all of the protection and coverage of the original PhantomSkinz product, but gives the device a flat/satin look. In addition to this flat look, the matte-finish film purportedly hides previously existing scratches. Matte-finish film is available as full-body coverage for the entire PhantomSkinz product line, and each order will include clear film for the screen of the device. Matte screen protectors are also available upon request for all devices. Pricing from the iPad version starts at US$19.95.

The second product released by PhantomSkinz, called Chromatics, is a colored film made with vibrant metallic paint, which allows customers to protect their gadgets while adding a bit of style. Chromatics are installed without water. Pricing for the iPad version is $29.95.

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