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Sorenson Media announces video optimization for the iPad

Sorenson Media has announced that all of the company’s Internet video solutions have already been optimized for the iPad, including the Sorenson 360 online video platform, the award-winning Sorenson Squeeze client-side encoding solution and the Sorenson Squish browser-based encoding solution. This optimization is available immediately and at no additional charge.

Since June 2009, every Sorenson Media solution has also been fully compatible with the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. Sorenson Media was the first to optimize for the iPhone 3G S immediately after its launch. To view screenshots of Sorenson Media’s solutions in action on the iPad, visit: .

Using optimized presets, the Sorenson 360 online video platform enables users to encode video content in the iPad-compatible MPEG-4 format and deliver that content using Apple’s native video player. Intelligent embed codes then immediately call up the correct player for playback on the iPad and other Apple devices.

The company’s optimization for the iPad also includes presets in Sorenson Squeeze and Sorenson Squish that enable playback in the formats used by Apple, including video and audio specifications that maximize the quality of the video played on these devices. Downloadable presets are available for free to every Sorenson Squeeze 6 user at the company’s online Preset Exchange at .

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