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OneSpring releases rapid prototyping kit for the iPad

OneSpring has released an updated version of the visualization templates for Apple-branded mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPod touch and, now, the iPad. It offers a way to define software projects from mainframes to web sites to mobile applications.

The iPhone and iPad simDK gives business analysts and user experience professionals a way to quickly prototype the look, feel and behavior of iPad applications, including screen transitions, typing, sliding, etc., before any code is written, according ot Robert Grashius, chief visualization officer for OneSpring. This approach clarifies requirements, saves time during product ideation, and speeds up delivery of applications, he adds.

The iPhone & iPad SimDK is offered by OneSpring at no cost and is available for immediate download by visiting It requires iRise 7.3 or above. iRise is an enterprise visualization solution.

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