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CalDigit unveils the HDPro2


CalDigit ( has unveiled the HDPro2, the next generation of the HDPro. The HDPro2 has all the features of the original HDPro, but with nearly double the speed, over 700MB/second sustained with RAID 5 protection.

The HDPro2 also adds support for 8 SATA-II 3Gbs or 10000~15000RPM SAS drive modules. It features a next generation Intel XScale processor to accelerate the RAID engine. The HDPro2 also has a new environmental monitor and control system that communicates with RAID Shield, CalDigit’s RAID management and monitoring software.

The HDPro2 provides hardware RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and JBOD support. It features Active Sustained Transfer Technology (ASTT). Its modular design allows for eight hot swappable drive modules in various capacities. It features an optional hot swappable load bearing power supply, two hot swappable ambient temperature controlled, and low noise smart fans. Even the built-in controller is removable/upgradeable. The HDPro2 is made of lightweight aluminum, and an optional rack mount kit can be purchased.

The HDPro2 comes with a PCIe bridge card, which takes the PCIe bus directly to the HDPro2’s built-in controller. What’s more, it can be used on laptops with ExpressCard/34 slots.

The HDPro2 is available now through CalDigit Certified Dealers worldwide or on the CalDigit online store. The 8TB HDPro2 starts at US$5,999.00 and is currently available up to 16TB.

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