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dBelement bypasses the Apple App Store and releases Reader app


dBelement has announced Reader ( for the iPhone, Droid, iPad and virtually any modern mobile device. It’s an web app ebook reader.

Reader offers an organized bookshelf interface. It bypasses the entire Apple App Store process. You can try it for free; registration is

With Reader you can check out books from a free public library, as well as add your own books. You can add news articles, essays, or ebooks from your computer right into Reader using the BookManager.

Reader has a built-in “night time” mode for reading at night. “Quick bookmarks” will let you jump back to exactly where you left off. You can adjust the font size to your liking and use one touch scrolling to turn pages. With Reader you can set an auto scroll speed, and your books will flow up just like movie credits. The app also has a built in dictionary so you can lookup words on the fly.

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