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Wheels Away is new carrying case for 21.5-inch iMac


Govern Photography, owned by Mary McGovern, is announcing the creation of Wheels Away, a new product designed to carry the 21.5-inch iMac. It’s waterproof, durable, lightweight, and silver.

“I am a photographer and use the large iMac screen. While I love the computer, I found it extremely difficult to carry around,” says McGovern. “When I would take my iMac to the Apple Computer store for hands-on training classes, I saw that many other people had the same problem. It seemed many of them were around my age and were struggling to carry their computer into the store.”

The carrying case weighs less than five pounds and the wheels and handles are detachable. It has foam padding to protect the computer as well as the keyboard and accessories. The product can be purchased on-line at for US$149.

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