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Welcome to the new MacTech site

As you may have noticed, MacTech has an all new web site. 🙂 In fact, if you are reading this now, you are seeing it before we’ve really publicized that the new site is up. 

A couple of things to point out if you’ve not already discovered them. The home page is your “industry dashboard” and your starting point for most items.

  • News scanners: MacTech scans over 60 web sites and brings you up to date links from around the Apple community.
  • Forum discussions: Got a question? Ask the community for answers in our forums.  
  • News and Reviews: See what MacTech’s expanded editorial team has to offer. 
  • This month’s issue: Each month, MacTech brings you in-depth articles, how-tos, and more. And, after 25 years in print, the print magazine continues to grow by leaps and bounds.
  • Rumor Scanners: Want to hear the latest rumors about the industry? Our scanner is on the lookout for you. 
  • Documenation Scanners: It’s hard to keep up with the latest knowledgebase entries, security alerts, and such. MacTech’s scanner makes it easier for you. 
  • Whitepapers, Screencasts, Books, and Videos:Sometimes you just need more depth. MacTech’s team is on the lookout for you on the latest to bring you more.
  • MacTech, and Community Search: Search MacTech’s family of sites, or if you’d prefer a wider net, check out MacTech’s community search that limits your search to the hand selected group of sites that provide quality information to the Apple community.
  • Latest deals: Looking for the deal of the day? MacTech showcases it for you. 
  • Software Updates: Through our friends at MacUpdate, you can see the latest software updates hand picked by the editorial teams as the most relevant.
  • iPhone App Showcase: See some of the hottest apps out there for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. 
  • Jobs Board: MacTech’s scanner help you see the most recent Apple relevant job listings from all around the web.

A lot of effort has gone into the new site, and we’re not completely done yet.  But, rather than make you wait, we decided to launch it now in beta status.  Drop us a line with feedback and any issues. 

The first place you should start is our new home page … or put another way, your industry dashboard.

Click here to go there now.

Neil Ticktin

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