ZiggySoft Releases iWeb Valet 2.3.7

ZiggySoft has announced iWeb Valet 2.3.7, the tool to enhance iWeb pages, add new interactive widgets and upload only modified files to your server.

Changes in this version:
– Added basic support for international fonts
– Removed FTP real-time logging to increase listing speed (20% about)
– Corrected an iDisk transfer bug
– Enhanced Text menu
– Fixed a rare div by 0 bug
– Fixed a rare email masking bug

Features description:
– Add many powerful widgets to your web pages, as clocks, site search engines, auto-redirecting, days remaining fields, calendars, scrolling texts, navigation menus, falling snow and much more.
– Personalize iWeb page titles by adding a prefix of your choice.
– Add a favicon to your web pages.
– Add a Hit Counter to your web pages (with Google Analytics, Statcounter or similar)
– Fool Spam Bots by encoding all email addresses in your iWeb pages, so bots don’t get them for spamming.
– Add META tags to provide more information about your web pages and gain a top ranking on crawler-based search engines.
– Perform multiple ‘search and replace’ operations on all html files contents at once; you can easily make changes of simple text chunks as well as html tags.
– Encode special characters inside your web pages to solve some display anomaly in non-English texts.
– Change the maximum size or apply a fixed compression ratio to all JPEG images of your site very quickly, to save space in your web server.
– Add to your iWeb site folder other folders and files not managed by iWeb (favicon, programs, documents, etc.)
– Preview your modified pages with your default browser at any time; you don’t have to upload it to a web server first.
– Work on a temporary copy of your site folder: use it with Dreamweaver or Golive local sites as well!
– Backup/Restore functions to protect your iWeb sites files from accidental data loss.

And after those changes, iWeb Valet can quickly upload the contents of your iWeb folder to a web site, with:

– Size comparison files check: iWeb Valet will only upload files that have changed (or new files). This saves time, because you will avoid, whenever you make a single change in iWeb, to re-upload the entire site.
– Option to remove the files in the destination when correspondent file is not present in the source directory, in order to save space in your web server.

Pricing and Availability:
iWeb Valet is available now (30 days fully functional free demo).
Purchase: 19 Euro – 25.00 USD. It supports Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6.

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ZiggySoft Software is a team of Macintosh users and developers since the first Mac was released, and our goal is to provide reliable, easy-to-use software, with outstanding customer service and support.

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