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Script Software updates three apps, releases a new one

Script Software ( has updated three of
its app and released a new one. The new one is iClock Pro, an US$30
replacement for Apple’s Time menubar item.

It has a dropdown menu of times for cities of your choice, large and
small calendar, an application menu, lunar clock, timers, alarms,
countdown and updated stock portfolio. All are available from the

CopyPaste Pro, a $30 multiple clipboard editing and display tool, has
been updated to version 2.2. It now allows renaming of clips.

iKey, which lets you automate your Mc and eliminated repetitive
actions, has been revved to version 2.4. The latest version is now
64-bit and ready for Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”)/

KnowledgeMiner — a data mining, data modeling and prediction
application — has been updated to version 2.1. KnowledgeMiner (yX)
can be used by researchers in any field because it can be used on
data to extract patterns and make predictions to derive new
knowledge. It’s made in cooperation with Intel and Microsoft. Pricing
ranges from US$300 to $1,500.

KnowledgeMiner (yX) 2.1 offers improved prediction accuracy when
using Similar Patterns modeling technology and enhanced model export
to Excel improved. Also, a Pediction project has been added that
predicts global land air and sea surface temperatures for nine
latitudinal areas 36 months ahead. This is an open project which will
be updated regularly.

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