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Razer introduces Vespula gaming mouse pad

Razer ( — a manufacturer of gaming and
lifestyle peripherals — has announced the Razer Vespula, a
lightweight, gaming grade mouse mat. The dual-sided design of the
US$34.99 provides gamers with the choice of a Speed Surface for
faster mouse movements or a Control Surface that picks up even the
most precise of mouse movements, says Robert Krakoff, president,
Razer USA.

The Razer Vespula enables extended gaming sessions with a gel-filled
memory conformance wrist rest for top performance without fatigue or
potential strain and comes with the proven sturdiness and extra
durability of its prequel the Razer eXact Mat, he adds. It’s
constructed with a matte, non-slip hard coat and an enhanced
dual-sided design.

The Speed Surface is designed for smoother, fast-paced action that
maximizes freedom of movement with a slick finish, while the Control
Surface provides tactile feedback with a coarsely textured surface
that is best for ultra-precise movements. The Razer Vespula also
comes with a memory conformance wrist rest.

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