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iPresentee releases new Keynote Motion Themes HD

iPresentee (, a developer of add-ons for
Apple’s iWork and iLife applications, has released Keynote Motion
Themes HD 9.0, a package of five new themes to be used with Keynote.
Keynote is Apple’s presentation component of the US$79 iWork suite.

New themes package includes: Blue Illusion, Red Illusion, Green
Illusion, Black Illusion and Yellow Illusion. Forty seven more
designs are carried over from the previous version. New Keynote
Motion Themes are available in standard and HD formats.

Keynote Motion Themes 9.0 requires Mac OS X with iWork 08 or iWork 09
installed. Each individual Keynote Motion Theme is priced at US$10. A
package of 52 themes is available for $40.

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