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Spell Catcher X update adds 64-bit support on Snow Leopard, more

Rainmaker Research has released Spell Catcher X 10.3.3
(, an update to
the collection of writing productivity tools. The new version adds
64-bit support on Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”), updated linguistics
and languages, and more.

Spell Catcher provides spell checking in sixteen languages, and more.
Version 10.3.3 has a re-written input method application, for
compatibility with both 64-bit and 32-bit applications. It also has
new input method installation and update procedure and user
interface. Other features include: German localization; autosaving of
reference documents; new speech alerts feature allows inserting the
(spoken) error, along with other simple embedded speech commands into
the spoken alert text; a new preference to Indicate whether
interactive checking is on or off in the Dock icon; the ability to
reset Universal preferences to their out-of-the-box defaults; import
of TypeIt4Me version 4.x files; and import of TextExpander files

Spell Catcher X 10.3.3 is a free update for Spell Catcher X 10.3
owners. For new users the cost is US$39.95. A “lite” license for
Spell Catcher X is available for $29.95 and excludes some advanced
features. Spell Catcher X users can purchase language plug-ins for
Dutch, Canadian English, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish,
Russian and Norwegian Bokmal for an additional $10 each. Spell
Catcher X requires Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later.

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