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Frameline 47 released for Mac OS X

Versatile Delivery Systems has released Frameline 47
(, an update of the video asset management
software for Mac OS X. It offers video file management, video editing
with scene detection, MPEG-7 video notation, Final Cut Pro XML and
Avid ALE Export and more.

Frameline 47 is especially designed to work with video. It scans
drives for video files, extracts their metadata and builds an SQL
Database. It features file management, editing and annotation tools
as well as a Capture interface. The application can be used alone or
as part of a network-based video editing and media cataloging

The new release of Frameline 47 features a completely re-written file
scanning mechanism, which enables users to specify exactly which
locations they wish to include or exclude in the scan. The
application now finally enables full ‘finder’ type behaviors, such as
drag and drop, and gets a new batch file management and tagging tool
called ‘move’. The Capture tool also gets updated, enabling tagging
and editing during capture. A lossless file splitting tool, shared
annotation library, new export and import options, plus support for
Snow Leopard complete the update.

Frameline 47 costs US$139. It requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. A
30-day demo is available for download.

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