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Sample Logic updates Morphestra to 160GB hard drives

Sample Logic has upgraded Morphestra
( from 80GB hard drives to
Glyph 160GB hard drives. This upgrade allows you to fit all of your
Sample Logic products onto one portable drive.

Morphestra a collection of organic instruments with a manufacturer’s
suggested retail price of US$699. It’s derived entirely from
orchestral recordings and psycho-acoustic sound design.

In association with Kirk Hunter Studios and powered by Native
Instruments’ Kontakt Player 3, Morphestra is a collection of over
27GB and 1,200-plus instruments and multis delivered pre-installed on
a pocket-sized Glyph hard drive.

It’s designed for film, TV, video games, electronic music, ambient
music, multimedia genres and more. With it you can an entire
production possible without the assistance of any additional
third-party instruments and effects, according to Joe Trupiano of
Sample Logic. Rather than reinventing the traditional orchestra,
Sample Logic has created a modern-day virtual instrument using
effectual techniques, he adds.

Morphestra includes cinematic atmospheres, arpeggiated/gated melodic
and rhythmic instruments, percussive impacts, transition trailer
effects, rhythmic loops, evocative pads, just to name a few and more.

Morphestra also sports a plug-and-play delivery system that
streamlines installation. Pre-installed on an 80GB Glyph hard drive,
Morphestra is small enough to fit into a pocket and powerful enough
to support high track-count audio sessions, says Trupiano. The drive
has FireWire 800 and USB ports. The library is divided into three
main categories: Atmospheres, Instrumentals, and Percussives.

All of these instruments are derived from orchestral studio and field
recordings, many of which were manipulated, morphed, and processed at
multiple stages of product development, including the sample
production phase, the programming phase, and in real-time via
Morphestra’s user controllable interface parameters, says Trupiano.

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