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RadTech releases OmniStand

RadTech ( has released the OmniStand, an
US$59.95 laptop stand. It offers an adjustable desktop and/or low
counter stand, as well as a cooling aid that doesn’t require power or
tie up a USB port.

The OmniStand has a compact form factor that can be stowed in most
any computer sleeve, bag or pack. Constructed from heat-dissipating
6013 Aluminum alloy, it allows a notebook computer to be used as a
desktop. OmniStand’s four discreet height adjustments provide a total
of seven ergonomically-correct working positions that purportedly
eliminate neck, back, arm and wrist strain in a variety of work
environments. The height adjustments also allow for alignment with
external displays.

The OmniStand folds flat, adding less than one centimeter. Also, it
only weights 454 grams.

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