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iDAPT unveils universal charging station product line

IDAPT (, a Spanish company specializing in
mobile energy technology, is announcing its portable charging systems
product line for 2010. The three models in the IDAPT line — i4, i3,
and i2 — will be showcased at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show
in Las Vegas.

IDAPT charging stations have an interchangeable tips system that
allows users to charge up to four devices at once without the mess of
four different tangled wires, or the need for more than one outlet
plug. The i4, which is the highlight of the product line, has four
points of charge, including a USB port. The i3 and i2 offer three and
two points, respectively, and use the same interchangeable tips as
the i4.

The IDAPT interchangeable tips are compatible with over 3,500 devices
(Apple, Garmin, Blackberry, Sony, Nintendo, etc.). They also sport a
two-button “quick release” feature to the tips, which allows for safe
and easy ejection, according to Jeremy Patay of IDAPT.

Tthe IDAPT universal charger is available from US$34.95, which
includes sixcharging tips. Additional tips can also be sold
separately for $9.99 each.

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