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QNAP releases Atom processor iSCSI Turbo NAS

QNAP Systems ( has nveiled its new series of
Turbo NAS servers: the TS-259 Pro, TS-459 Pro, TS-659 Pro and TS-859
Pro (a QNAP exclusive), which have been certified as compatible with
VMware’s vSphere4 (ESX 4.0) virtualization platforms. They’re
designed for departmental file sharing, storage, and advanced server
applications in the office environment.

VMware’s vSphere is purportedly the industry’s first cloud operating
system that offers a way to reduce IT costs and increase
responsiveness. Shared networked storage is a component of a Cloud
Computing infrastructure. The new Turbo NAS series incorporates the
Intel Atom D-510 dual-core processor.

The new Turbo NAS series comes with new version 3.2 of the QNAP NAS
management software, which supports lots of class-leading new
features such as iSCSI service. There’s support for SPC-3 Persistent
Reservation for clustering in VMware and Windows Server 2008. MPIO
and MC/S are also supported, as well as new DFS support (Folder
Aggregation), import of user-list, and customizable Daylight Saving
Time. Also, the Internet Protocol, IPv6, has been incorporated for
future networking evolution.

QNAP’s Web File Manager 2 features a redesigned user interface and
functionality for improved file sharing and management. WebDAV is
also available for users to collaboratively share, access, and edit
files over HTTP and HTTPS. Additionally, Apple’s Time Machine backup
is now supported. The new Business Series Turbo NAS servers will be
available in January through popular global commercial distributors,
resellers, and retailers QNAP NAS servers are fully compatible with
Mac, Linux, and UNIX networks.

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