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TwelveSouth releases SurfacePad for MacBook Pro

TwelveSouth ( has introduced the
SurfacePad, a soft, thin layer of leather that dresses up and
protects the keyboard deck/wrist rest area of MacBook Pro from
scratches, dirt and discoloration. It’s available in smooth and
pattern styles for the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro. The retail price
is US$39.99 for both sizes.

Along with protecting the surface around the keyboard, the black
leather SurfacePad completely transforms the look of a MacBook Pro,
“making it a standout in coffee shops, classrooms and boardrooms,”
according to Andrew Green, head of creative for TwelveSouth. It’s
available in either a napa smooth finish or an embossed baroque
pattern. It also beautifully coordinates with the black keys and
black screen bezel on MacBook Pros, says Green.

The SurfacePad for the 13-inch MacBook Pro is a one-piece design that
covers the keyboard deck, with an opening for the trackpad and
keyboard. The SurfacePad for the 15-inch MacBook Pro is a two-piece
style that also integrates the speaker grills into the design of
SurfacePad. Each of the pieces can be used independently of one
another, depending on user preference or personal style

The SurfacePad installs and remains in place using a special adhesive
that leaves no trace or sticky residue, according to Green. Also, the
adhesive allows you to reposition your SurfacePad, or even remove it
entirely for a period of time and then reapply it. At 0.7mm thin, it
doesn’t interfere with your MacBook closing and going to sleep

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