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Cordiant releasees Analytics in a Box

Coradiant (, which specializes in web
application performance management, has announced the immediate
availability of Analytics In A Box, powered by Coradiant technology.
It’s a turn key appliance that passively taps and collects web
traffic data and provides complete reports via Google’s Urchin Web
analytics software, which is integrated with the appliance.

Organizations benefit from a lower total cost of ownership, and
quicker access to market intelligence via on-demand analytics. IT
operations are streamlined by eliminating log file maintenance and
reducing JavaScript tagging. Analytics In A Box deploys behind
corporate firewalls; data is securely stored within the appliance,
reducing privacy and security concerns.

Analytics In A Box provides a comprehensive view into customer Web
site interaction, and insights into online conversion outcomes.
Analytics capabilities are substantially enhanced through access to a
richer data model and customizable reporting solutions. A complete
set of dashboards for executive consumption, as well as access to
granular data allows deeper insights into marketing optimization,
site performance, content optimization, conversion behavior and
navigational analysis.

Analytics In A Box leverages Coradiant’s TrueSight technology
platform and provides a flexible analytics solution for marketers’
urgent analytics needs. Marketing gains immediate availability of
marketing campaign data resulting in faster, more flexible decision
making. IT professionals can easily support and manage the analytic
capabilities in a secured IT infrastructure with minimal application
tagging and no log file maintenance. QA cycles formerly needed to
test tag implementations are eliminated resulting in immediate
resource savings.

Urchin is the “run-it-yourself” version of Google Analytics, and is
intended for large enterprises, intranets, and Web hosting companies.
Urchin is available from authorized resellers worldwide. More
information is available at

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