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TuneWear releases Prie Ambassador Smart for the iPhone 3GS/3G

TuneWear ( has released the US$39.95 Prie
Ambassador Smart case for the iPhone 3GS/3G. It’s made from leather
and is available in black with red stitch, black with white stitch
and white with pink stitch.

A wrist strap included with each Ambassador Smart. The strap matches
both the color and stitching of the case and attaches to the loop
located on the bottom of the case. If you prefer, you use the loop to
attach another strap of your choice or your favorite charms.

With the iPhone safely inside the Smart, you still have access to all
the ports, the dock connector and button controls. The camera hole on
the back allows the taking of pictures, plus TuneWear has added a
small reflective mirror next to the lens for those times when you are
taking a self portrait and want to make sure you are still in the

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