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Quickscript gets Snow Leopard support

Axiotron today released the second beta version of its handwriting
recognition application, Quickscript. The takeaway: Quickscript now
supports Mac OS X version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) in addition to 10.5
(Leopard)! Other enhancements include improved Chinese character
recognition and persistent writing pad settings.

Quickscript offers handwriting recognition in 26 languages to Mac
users with pen tablet devices and users of Axiotron’s Modbook. Its
highly accurate recognition technology enables users to write in
almost any application that accepts text input such as Pages and
Microsoft Word. Also included with Quickscript is the Kopernikus
digital assistant feature which lets users run applications and
control their computer via written commands.

More information about Quickscript and a free download of the
application are available at .

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