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Tycoon Games releases Heileen 2 for the Mac

Tycoon Games ( has released Heileen 2: The
Hands Of Fate, the sequel to Heileen. The US$19.99 game is compatible
with Mac, Windows and Linux systems.

Here’s how Celso Riva, game designer/programmer of the game,
describes Heileen 2: “The game takes place on a mysterious Caribbean
island where Heileen was shipwrecked at the end of the first game.
Her ex-slave friends Robert and Ebele will help her survive, but when
Heileen discovers a deck of tarot cards representing the seven deadly
sins and the seven godly virtues, she realizes that the power of the
cards can help her unlock the secrets of her past and shape her
future. With the tarot cards, she can escape from the island, find
her true love, meet pirates, or do nothing at all. Will Heileen be a
Saint, or a Sinner? It’s all in the hands of the player.”

The game also features an advanced version of the Quest System
present in the first title. There are more than 20 quests to solve,
some spanning multiple chapters.

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