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Tunewear releases BoomTune Bomb II Stereo speakers

Tunewear ( is now shipping BoomTune Bomb II
Stereo, an US$49.95 sets of compact speakers with stereo sound.
Available in matte black or bright red jewel, the size is compact
enough to carry in your hand.

Sound is projected 360 degrees around the speakers. The BoomTune Bomb
II is designed for listening to music or watching videos on your
MacBook, iPod, iPhone or other portable device, although it works on
any Mac.

Retractable cables are hidden inside the body of each speaker. One
cable connects the left and right speakers together and the other
cable connects with your music device via a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack.
Volume level can be controlled from BoomTune using the volume switch.
Untwist the top of each BoomTune for a louder sound and more bass.

The built-in rechargeable battery prevents unnecessary battery
consumption. The included USB charging connector can be plugged into
the USB port on your personal computer or a USB charger unit for
charging the speakers. The lamp on BoomTune shines red while the
battery is charging, and turns to blue when charging is completed.
The internal battery can be recharged over 500 times.

Each speaker unit is compact, and there’s a magnet on the bottom of
the speakers which allows you attach the two speakers together for
better portability. You can place the speakers and cable into the
carrying pouch and take the BooomTune anywhere you want to go.

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