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Native Instruments Introduces Scarbee Jay-Bass

Native Instruments has introduced Scarbee Jay-Bass
(, a new
software instrument that purportedly provides an authentic rendition
of the Fender Jazz Bass. Jay-Bass is based on the Scarbee Red Bass
library, and is the latest release in the partnership between Native
Instruments and sampling expert Thomas Hansen Skarbye, complementing
the available Pre-Bass and M-Bass instruments.

Powered by the Kontakt engine and playable both via the full Kontakt
4 sampler and the free Kontakt Player, Scarbee Jay-Bass recreates the
full sonic spectrum of the Jazz Bass in both slapped and fingered
playing styles. All four strings of the original instrument have been
sampled in nine velocities, resulting in over 4,000 individual
studio-grade samples.

Jay-Bass takes advantage of the scripting features of Kontakt.
Articulations and playing techniques include hammer-ons, pull-offs,
grace notes, various trills, mutes, harmonics, pickup hits, fret
noises and more, most of which are automatically triggered based on
the note material. The fretboard display in Kontakt and Kontakt
Player shows the playing position and articulation of each note in
real-time, with intelligent string selection and index finger/middle
finger alternation, as well as dedicated slide and chord modes that
contribute to the unparalleled authenticity of the instrument.

Scarbee Jay-Bass is available for download purchase in the NI Online
Shop for US$89.

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