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KlearVision releases Mac compatible automated color reproduction

KVD KlearVision Digital ( has released the
KOLOR-D Intelligent Color Server, engineered specifically for the
needs of graphic arts production managers. Based upon DIMA Photo-D
technology, KOLOR-D offers automated, customizable multi-component
color production server capabilities.

It manages both Objective ICC-based color conversions, as well as
subjective color corrections. KOLOR-D is efficient with a single
image or a folder of images, is also compatible with composed PDF
files, as well as both Mac and Windows platforms. For more
information, go to See us at the PIA/GATF Color Management Conference
(December 6-9) in Phoenix.

At its core is a comprehensive, rule-based Intelligent Expert System
(IES) that automatically optimizes and enhances digital image files,
preparing them for printing or viewing. Using “fuzzy logic” and
artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, KOLOR-D, in effect, emulates
the decision-making expertise of a traditional color expert, or
digital imaging professional, to analyze, correct and produce
high-quality image and PDF files. Contact KlearVision for pricing

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