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Boris FX announces new Boris Continuum Unit: Image Restoration

Boris FX ( has announced that a new Boris
Continuum Unit, Image Restoration, is now available. The Boris
Continuum Image Restoration Unit includes the Smooth Tone, Pixel
Fixer, and DV Fixer filters from Boris Continuum Complete 6.

BCC Smooth Tone is an “electronic makeup” tool for saving shots with
skin blemishes or substandard makeup while preserving sharpness and
full image detail. BCC Pixel Fixer removes bad pixels resulting from
a faulty digital camera sensor or dust on a camera lens. Up to 10 bad
spots can be repaired with a single filter application without any
degradation of image quality or sharpness.

BCC DV Fixer removes jaggies and DV compression artifacts from
footage originated on consumer DV cameras. Boris Continuum Image
Restoration supports Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Final Cut Express,
Apple Motion, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

The Image Restoration Unit is the latest addition to
previously-released Boris Continuum Units: Chroma Key, Pan and Zoom,
UpRez, Motion Key, Lens Flare, Film Look, Glitters, Optical
Stabilizer, Light Rays, 3D Objects, Cartoon Look, and Motion Tracker.

Boris Continuum Image Restoration is immediately available through
the Boris FX worldwide reseller channel and direct from the Boris FX
web site at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$99 USD.
Customers who purchase the Boris Continuum Image Restoration Unit or
any other Boris Continuum Unit may credit the price of the Unit
towards the full Boris Continuum Complete plug-in suite.

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