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Zevrix releases File Courier for Mac OS X

Zevrix Solutions ( has announced File Courier
1.0, an US$29.95 digital delivery solution for Mac OS X (10.4.2 and
higher) with timesaving options. File Courier delivers files and
folders to FTP and local destinations and sends automatic e-mail
delivery notifications.

The e-mail messages are based on variable templates and contain the
detailed info about the item and its location. The software can also
create a low-res version of a PDF file and attach it to e-mail,
compress folders and protect deliveries with password.

File Courier is designed to automate and simplify the process of
preparing, sending and confirming delivery to free up users from time
consuming, tedious manual tasks which can also lead to mistakes and
miscommunication between a sender and a recipient, according to the
folks at Zevrix. With File Courier, users only need to drop a file or
a folder on the program’s icon, and the rest will be done

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