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Extensis introduces Portfolio NetMediaMAX

Extensis has released Portfolio NetMediaMAX, an add-on for Portfolio
Server 9. This Mac compatible, media-processing software lets digital
imaging professionals automate their media workflows for increased
productivity and faster turn-around times.

Seasoned designers and marketers spend significant time performing
repetitive production tasks as part of their imaging workflow. The
NetMediaMAX add-on for Portfolio Server manages this repetitive work
for faster production, according to Martin Stein, vice president of
Products and Services at Extensis. Complex export operations no
longer require manual work and multiple applications, meaning users
spend more time on their core tasks, translating into faster output
and profits for organizations, he adds.

NetMediaMAX offers graphical tools to simplify processing tasks, so
file conversions are created on the fly for faster output. Templates
can be utilized to accomplish common batch-processing operations —
such as file resizing and format conversion — to ensure
standardization and eliminate errors.

NetMediaMAX is built on the Portfolio Server platform that provides
support for Mac and Windows environments and utilizes server-side
processing, freeing up desktops from media-processing tasks. The
MediaRich technology inside NetMediaMAX provides organizations with
heavy workloads the ability to process media-related tasks
dynamically and automatically. Organizations can distribute
media-processing tasks to one or more external servers for faster

NetMediaMAX provides support for a wide range of image file formats.
Users can convert to the most popular file types such as TIFF, JPEG,

For enhanced capabilities, IT professionals can create limitless
customizations by enabling custom scripts to automate steps such as
transferring multiple digital assets, updating metadata, building
composite logos, colorizing, resizing and more. NetMediaMAX comes
with sample scripts to get you started. Scripts can be customized
using MediaScript, Equilibrium’s ECMAScript-based scripting language
(like JavaScript) that’s designed for media-processing environments.

NetMediaMAX is available immediately. Current Portfolio Server 9
customers can purchase NetMediaMAX as an add-on to their existing
installation for US$2,964.50. A full NetMediaMAX Bundle is available
for $9,161.64 and includes Portfolio Server 9 and three clients. All
prices include an annual service agreement. Academic pricing is also
available. NetMediaMAX will be available in English, French, German,
and Japanese. For more information, go here:

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