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TwelveSouth releases the BassJump portable subwoofer

TwelveSouth ( has announced the BassJump,
a portable, USB powered subwoofer that turns a MacBook, MacBook Pro
and MacBook Air into a portable sound system. It’s available now for

The BassJump sound and power comes from one single USB connection.
Proprietary software blends the sound output of the BassJump
subwoofer with the output of built-in MacBook speakers for enhanced
sound performance.

BassJump makes the great sounding, built-in MacBook speakers sound
even better by adding mid- and low-frequencies for a fuller, richer
sound, according to designer Andrew Green. It’s perfect for small
offices, hotel rooms and other near-field listening environments, he
adds. Along with making your iTunes library sound better, BassJump
also adds feeling and depth to video games, streaming videos and
Internet radio, says Green.

Behind the sleek, minimalist design of BassJump is a custom DSP-based
software that blends the BassJump subwoofer with the MacBook
speakers. The BassJump software also presents users with visual
feedback in the form of two glowing, old-school analog VU-meters. A
working mini VU-meter is also placed in the Menu Bar for quick access
to settings. Finally, the software allows you to customize the sound
for your style of music: rock, pop, R&B, etc.

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