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Enhance Technology unveils new EnhanceRAID TS800 series

Enhance Technology ( has released the
EnhanceRAID TS800 Series, a desktop RAID storage system with RAID-6
and web GUI management. The EnhanceRAID TS800 Series consist of four
models, each with its own alternative connectivity interfaces: IP
(iSCSI), SC (SCSI), SS (SAS), and FC (Fibre Channel).

Powered by the newly 80-plus efficient green power supply, the TS800
comes with an integrated hardware RAID controller and light pipes for
the drive trays to display current HDD activity instead of
conventional LEDs. The TS800 Series supports eight (8x) removable
drive bays that are styled with a silver color T-shape design and
individual lock and key for data protection and secured storage for
mission critical computations and application servers.

The TS800 is accustomed for applications that require exceptionally
high performance along with massive amounts of storage capacity such
as HD security surveillance, server applications, post production,
professional contents creation, and digital media library, according
to the folks at Enhance Providing up to 600MB/second (TS800 SS), the
TS800 Series is designed for SMB (small or medium business) and is
ideal for the corporate video production environment.

Customers also have the option to purchase the TS800 as a fully
populated model — when each tray is embedded with a 1.5TB hard
drive. The TS800-F12T is a “turn-key” solution, in which the entire
unit is fully tested, RAID configured, and certified by Enhance
engineers. Contact Enhance for pricing.

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