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Vvidget for Mac OS X upgraded to version 10.6.2

VVI ( has released version 10.6.2 of Vvidget,
a point and click graphing solution for Mac OS X. The upgrade offers
better integration with Interface Builder.

Vvidget includes an Apple’s Interface Builder Plug-in so that all
Apple developers gain immediate access to common 2D and 3D graph
types This latest version improves interoperability with the Vvidget
system and purportedlly provides an even better experience for
integrating graphs into any Cocoa application.

With Vvidget, documents can have built-in queries to relational
databases such as Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL. This means the
Vvidget can give immediate visualization of data stored in enterprise
databases right through the Finder. Scientists, engineers and
analysts can now store data files on the file system and browse them
in graph format using custom Cover Flow plug-ins for a data
visualization browser and explorer.

The Vvidget Builder GUI (graphical user interface) tool is free. The
software is used to automate graphs for desktop applications,
Dashboard widgets and web sites. To automate graphs for desktop
applications and Dashboard widgets, Vvidget Code can now be purchased
online for Commercial use (US$189) or educational use ($79).

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