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RadTech releases OtterBox Commuter case for the iPhone

RadTech ( has released the OtterBox Commuter
case for the iPhone. It incorporates three layers of impact-absorbing
materials. First, a self-adhering transparent film covers and
protects the touch screen.

Next, a firm silicone skin completely encases the iPhone’s housing.
And finally, a one-piece, molded polycarbonate shell snaps over the
whole assembly.

All of the iPhone’s buttons and controls are protected, yet remain
fully accessible, and captive silicone covers keep dust, dirt and
debris out of the audio jack and 30-pin docking ports when not in
use. The Commuter’s hard-shell exterior allows it to slide into and
out of a pocket or purse, while the silicone side panels keep it
securely in your grip, according to the folks at RadTech. It’s
available in two models: the US$34.95 Commuter and the $29.95
Commuter TL.

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