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Axiotron reduces Modbook price, says pro version planned for

Axiotron ( has reduced the manufacturer’s for
the company’s Modbook tablet Mac to US$699 (for Modbooks built from a
customer-supplied MacBook base system) and $1,599 (for Modbooks that
include a dealer-supplied 2.13Ghz MacBook base system).

The holiday discount program — which enables customers to purchase
the Modbook at the lowest prices ever — runs through Dec. 31.
Axiotron CEO Andreas E. Haas said the holiday promotion is
“an especially compelling opportunity for students and other
customers looking for more affordable Modbook options.”

Axiotron today also announced that the Modbook Pro tablet computer,
unveiled during the Macworld Expo 2009, is planned for release at the
end of the second quarter of 2010.

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