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MacSpeech Dictate gets new Dictation Preferences Pane

MacSpeech ( has released MacSpeech Dictate
1.5.6, an upgrade to the speech recognition solution for the Mac. The
upgrade introduces a new Dictation Preferences pane that lets users
enable or disable the Auto Cache Document feature for TextEdit and
Microsoft Word. It’s also a maintenance release that fixes reported

MacSpeech Dictate requires Intel-based Mac hardware and Mac OS X
10.5.6 or higher. New MacSpeech Dictate solutions, with a choice of
headsets, are available today starting at US$199. Registered
customers of MacSpeech Dictate are eligible to purchase MacSpeech
Dictate 1.5.6 at special upgrade price of $54.95. Anyone who
registered MacSpeech Dictate on or after April 1 is eligible to
receive a free upgrade directly from MacSpeech, Inc.

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