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Bare Bones Software releases BBEdit 9.3

Bare Bones Software today announced
the release and immediate availability of BBEdit 9.3, a significant
update to its professional strength HTML and text editor.

BBEdit 9.3 introduces significant enhancements to the Projects
feature that debuted in BBEdit 9.0, including support for adding
Finder saved searches to projects, and additional flexibility in
handling non-text files, including command-driven support for
examining files via QuickLook when running on Mac OS X 10.6.

“BBEdit continues to advance with features that significantly enhance
productivity in many areas,” said Rich Siegel, founder and CEO of
Bare Bones Software, Inc. “BBEdit 9.3 provides further search
interface improvements, adds new ways to manage project content, and
meets the command-line wonk’s primal needs with closer integration of
BBEdit’s search to the Unix environment.”

In addition, the BBEdit 9.3 update now lets customers create
language-specific ctags data files to serve as completion sources.
FTP/SFTP browsers now feature a “New” button allowing for the
creation of new files and folders directly within the browser window.
The clippings system has been enhanced to allow combining clipping
sets for easier access when working in mixed-language files. Attached
menu scripts are now easier to manage from within BBEdit’s own

Finally, BBEdit 9.3 introduces a new command-line tool, “bbfind”,
which provides access to BBEdit’s legendary multi-file searching from
the Unix command line. In this way, BBEdit can function as part of a
scripted Unix workflow, if desired.

The BBEdit 9.3 update also includes fixes for reported issues.
Detailed information on all of the changes and improvements in BBEdit
9.3 can be found at .

The BBEdit 9.3 update is available free of charge to all registered
BBEdit 9 customers from the Bare Bones Software web site: .

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