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QuickerTek announces 802.11a USB Booster

QuickerTek has announced a new USB device that adds high speed
802.11a wireless to any Mac with USB. The QuickerTek 802.11a USB
Booster (ttp://
costs US$99.99.

The 802.11a standard works with 5.8GHz speed wireless equipment. Any
Mac that runs Mac OS 10.4 through 10.6 can use the new wireless speed
booster from QuickerTek. The company says you simply plug it into an
USSB part and provides up to 300 megabits per second wireless
performance. It also provides immediate access to all Apple Base
Stations, including the graphite and the latest dual-band Extreme.

Any of the older PowerBooks, the Pismo, iBooks and desktops — which
had no previous wireless upgrade possibilities — are all candidates
for this new wireless network speed improvement, says QuickerTek.
Users also gain all of the benefits of WEP 64/128 bit, WPA and WPA2
wireless security, they add.

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