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Monbots updated for Sound Studio, Snow Leopard

Freeverse ( has announced an update to Sound
Studio’s Monbots, free automation tools available for Sound Studio
(, the US$79.95 audio editing
and sound creation Mac application developed by Felt Tip Software.
Monbots are now compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”).

Sound Studio 3 helps you record and edit digital audio for music,
podcasts, or sound effects. You can layer sounds with multiple
tracks, apply any of 24 built-in effects filters, use Core Audio
plug-ins, work with MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV and other popular file
formats, create podcasts with chapter markers and more.

Monbots — now at version 1.3 — is a collection of absolutely free
automation tools that help you perform complex tasks on multiple
sound files. Examples include: the Clean & Convert plug-in, which
scrubs your audio clean with Noise Gate and Dynamics Compression;
Mastering Console, which makes your audio sparkle using Equalization
Curves, High and Low Pass Filters, Reverb, Fade and More Cowbell;
Bookend Audio, which lets you add an intro and outro; and Stitch,
which does the dirty work of combining multiple audio files together
with none of the hassle.

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