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Iospirit releases Candelair and HIDRemote for Mac OS X

Iospirit has released Candelair and HIDRemote for Mac OS X. The
former is an alternative driver for the built-in IR receiver as found
in many Macs today. It provides a “clean, global fix for AppleRemote
issues many users are experiencing with third party applications
under Snow Leopard releases 10.6 and 10.6.1,” the company says.

It’s based on Remote Buddy’s
( driver and comes
packaged in a preference pane that presents all remote control
options at a glance. Candelair is a free download, available at .

HIDRremote is an Objective-C class for Cocoa developers. It provides
applications with access to the Apple Remote under OS X 10.4, 10.5
and 10.6. The primary goals of HIDRemote are to maximize
compatibility, interoperability, future-proofness and
user-friendliness for developers and users, according to the folks at
Iospirit. For more information on the HIDRemote class, go to .

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