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TuneWear releases Visualdock AV docking station for the iPhone,

TuneWear ( is shipping VisualDock, an
US$79.95 AV docking station with a remote control for the iPhone and
iPod. Complete with S-video and line outputs, it lets you set up and
enjoy movies, photos and music stored in your Apple device by
connecting VisualDock to a television or stereo.

S-Video and AV cables are included. A special 3D like sound effect
button adds a new dimension to the stereo sound. The surfaces of both
the VisualDock and the remote control are rubber coated.

When the VisualDock is connected to a computer via a dock cable, a
switch on the back of the TuneWear device allows you to choose
between sync and charge, or charge only modes so you can control when
you want to sync your iPhone or iPod with iTunes.

Seven sizes of dock adapters ranging from old to new models of iPhone
and iPod are included. A USB power adapter is also included and can
be used not only to power the VisualDock, but also charge USB devices.

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