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Workgroups 2010 ready for Snow Leopard, Window 7

MetaCommunications ( has announced
the immediate availability of Workgroups 2010’s built-in rapid
development tool for IT departments and developers in marketing,
creative design, packaging and prepress industries. The new
development environment provides IT groups and developers with the
ability to build and deploy database, workflow, and document
management applications.

While the development tools in the new Workgroups 2010 suite are
primarily intended for developers with basic to advanced knowledge of
JavaScript and SQL, more experienced developers can extend
functionality with plug-ins and integrate with third-party systems
using .NET plug-ins, SOAP, JSON, and more, according to Robert Long,
executive vice pesident of MetaCommunications.

Concurrent with the release of the new development tools available in
Workgroups 2010, MetaCommunications also launched a Developer Center
community web site. The new Developer Center provides Workgroups
developers, administrators, and users with a place to interact with
each other and a Resource Exchange to share pre-built forms,
plug-and-play Solutions, and example Code Snippets for quickly
implementing new functionality in their applications.

Applications developed using Workgroups 2010’s development tools have
access to desktop plug-ins for several prominent software packages,
enabling users to automate tasks and access information directly from
the native applications they work in throughout the day. Plug-in
integration is available for AutoCAD, Adobe InDesign, Adobe
Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and the Mac OS X Finder.

The latest version of Worksgroups 2010 has support for Mac OS X 10.6
(“Snow Leopard”) and Windows 7; support for previous versions of
these operating systems is included as well. Server components can be
hosted on the following: SQL Server 2008 (including Express Edition);
SQL Server 2005 (including Express Edition); Windows Server 2008;
Windows Server 2003; Windows 7; Windows Vista; and Windows XP.

The Workgroups 2010 suite is an integrated collaborative process and
productivity management suite for marketing, creative design,
packaging and prepress. Workgroups 2010 is comprised of four key
modules (Virtual Ticket, Approval Manager, Digital Storage Manager,
and Job Manager) and provides an open solution so that users can
adopt the modules of the suite that meet their initial needs and
retain the ability to expand the solution later.

The Workgroups 2010 suite is available immediately. Free upgrades are
provided to customers who participate in the Meta Assurance support
and upgrade program. New systems are priced with complete multi-user
suite bundles starting at US$4,995. Individual modules may also be
purchased, starting at $1,695.

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