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MakeMusic updates Finale Notepad, Finale Reader

MakeMusic ( has announced the simultaneous
release of Finale NotePad 2010 and an updated, free-of-charge Finale
Reader. Both music notation software packages support current
operating systems and provide compatibility with files created with
Finale 2010, MakeMusic’s music notation software program.

Finale NotePad 2010 offers an introduction to the world of music
notation. Available as a download for US$9.95, or purchased on disc
for $19.95, NotePad lets anyone create, play, print, save and share
music notation. Notes can be entered with a mouse, a MIDI keyboard,
or by opening MIDI files. Music plays back with the nuance of Human
Playback and can be heard via the 128-plus included sounds or through
an external MIDI device. NotePad also fosters collaboration as it can
edit, play, print and save files created with other Finale music
notation products. NotePad 2010 includes several new features,
including improved percussion notation and enhanced documentation,
transparent selection handles and more. It’s compatible with Finale
2010, PrintMusic 2010 and SongWriter 2010 files.

The Finale Reader is a free download that can open, view, print and
play files created by Finale and other MakeMusic products. In
addition to full compatibility with files created by Finale 2010,
PrintMusic 2010 and SongWriter 2010, this latest version of the
Reader can also display colored note heads in files created with

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