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ezGear introduces ezVision interface for the iPod, iPhone

ezGear ( has introduced the ezVision Video
Glasses TH121 interface for the iPod and iPhone. They offer the
ability to watch any video on your iPod in a simulated bigger screen
format. The new ezVision for iPod plugs right into the bottom of your
iPod or iPhone and is “Made for iPod” and “Works with iPhone”

With the TH121, you can enjoy movies, TV shows, and music videos
stored on your iPod or iPhone on a larger format screen and in total
privacy, according to the folks at ezGear. The glasses are
lightweight, weighing four ounces, and have built-in earphones, a
rechargeable battery, and a cary bag.

The video glasses also come with a video adapters that can be used
with almost a DVD player or any videogame device, including XBox 360
video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation
Portable, and PlayStation 2 computer entertainment systems.

The ezVision Video Glasses come in two models: ezVision G1 and
ezVision X4. The former offer a simulated 50-inch view, QVGA
resolution, and eigh hours of battery life. The ezVision Video
Glasses X4 offer a simulated 64-inch view, VGA resolution (four times
the resolution of the G1), and five hours of battery life.

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