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BCC 6.0.4 AE update offers enhanced Premiere Pro support

Boris FX ( has released Boris Continuum
Complete 6.0.4, an update of the . It features new animated presets
for 3D objects, a revamped optical stabilizer and enhanced support
for Adobe Premiere Pro.

BCC Optical Stabilizer, which automatically smoothes or completely
eliminates shaky camera motion, now provides more feedback during the
image analysis process. In addition, a new Autoscale option
automatically transform scales a locked down clip so that it fills
the frame or composite window.

Continuum Complete is an expansive plug-in filter set that lets you
create a variety of effects. It has nearly 200 filters, including
advanced keying, matting, compositing, image processing, distortion,
temporal effects and motion tracking.

BBC 6.0.4 AE is a free update for BCC 6.x users. Users of older
versions can upgrade for US$295. For new users the cost is $995.

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