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Tri-Edre announces TapTap for Mac OS X

Tri-Edre has released Taptap
( for
Mac OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”) and higher. It’s an
US$9.95 utility available at any time to launch
applications, files, and URLs and access notes
and addresses.

To use it you tap twice on the Command key (or
the shortcut of your choice) to access any of
your applications, files and folders you
selected, your browser bookmarks or cards from
your Address Book, your password protected notes,

According to the folks at Tri-Edre, Taptap has
been designed to facilitate access to data
contained in the Mac and includes a variety of
tricks such as:

° The possibility to add descriptions and keywords to applications;

° The presence of a disk browser, and contextual
menus displaying the contents of folders and
allowing access to files and contents;

° The ability to add notes protected by a password.

A free demo version is available. It gives you
access to all features, but for a limited time.

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