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DVD±RW Drive

LaCie ( has updated its
Portable DVD±RW Drive. Now with a sleek black
finish, the drive includes new multimedia burning
solutions. Featuring two versions, users can
choose from the multimedia burning solution for
Macs or PCs.

The Windows version comes with Creator Suite 10,
while the combined Mac and Windows version comes
with Toast 9 Basic, as well as Creator Suite 10.
Additionally, the drive is USB bus-powered so
only one cable is needed to start burning CDs and
DVDs. The 8x drive is less than an inch tall and
weighs under a pound. It fits into a bag,
backpack, or briefcase.

The LaCie Portable DVD±RW drive is equipped with
LightScribe, a technology that allows you to burn
silkscreen-quality labels directly onto CDs and
DVDs with a laser instead of a printer. The LaCie
Portable DVD±RW will be available through the
LaCie Store Online, LaCie Reseller+ and LaCie
Corner, starting at the suggested retail price of

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