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New iPhone case purportedly reduces cell phone radiation by 60%

Pong Research (, a new research-driven
company developing technologies to improve environmental health, has
introduced the US$59.95 Pong iPhone Case, a protective case that
reduces users’ exposure to radiation from the phone’s antenna.

It’s a silicone skin containing a proprietary technology module that
redirects cell phone radiation away from the user’s head, according
to Dr. Alfred Wong, chief scientist of Pong Research. The Pong iPhone
case is the first product proven by FCC-certified laboratories to
reduce cell phone radiation.

The case reduces the specific absorption rate (SAR, a mobile industry
standard of measurement) by 60% and reduces intense “hotspot”‘ cell
phone radiation (Electric Field Intensity) by 85%, says Wong. The
Pong iPhone case is immediately available for the iPhone 3G and
iPhone 3GS. A BlackBerry model will be available later this year,
with models for other devices to follow.

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