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Native Instruments introduces the Finger

Native Instruments has introduced The Finger
(, an US$79
keyboard-controlled performance effects processor developed with
electronic music artist Tim Exile of Warp Records. Based on Reaktor
technology, itprovides musicians, producers and DJs with a musical
tool for sound mangling and live remixing in the studio and on stage.

The Finger draws upon more than 40 y effects algorithms, including
real-time samplers, transformers, filters, gaters, delays, reverbs,
distortion, wave shapers, ring modulation and many others, complete
with advanced tempo-sync functionality. In The Finger, every key on a
connected MIDI keyboard representis a different effect type and
setting. By playing the keyboard, individual effect algorithms are
activated and consecutively combined into custom chains of up to six
effect units at a time, similar to a continuously changing array of
interconnected stomp box units.

The Finger utilizes the free Kore Player to operate both as a
standalone effects software and as a plug-in within any host
sequencer, and can also be used within the full-featured Kore 2
system. With two parameters per effect being controlled by velocity
and modulation wheel, the eight Macro Controls of the Kore interface
provide further sound tweaking options. Owners of Reaktor 5 can also
access an advanced user interface to set additional parameters and
set up individual custom effects.

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