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Curio for Mac OS X updated to version 6

Zengobi has released Curio 6 (, an
upgrade of the note taking, mind mapping, brainstorming, and task
management application for Mac OS X. The upgrade’s features include
integrated native tables which can contain text, images, weblinks,
and documents along with any associated flags, checkmarks, and other

Other features in version 6 include: a figure stencil repository for
access to commonly used figures and grouped figures; user-extensible
custom flag icons which can be associated with any figure for instant
searching and retrieval; new mind map line styles and automatic
branch colors for more stylized mind maps; plus dozens of additional
enhancements and refinements.

Curio is available in two editions: Standard (US$99) and Professional
($149, US$69 academia). Discounted Curio 6 upgrades are available to
current Curio 5 (and earlier) customers.

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